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Electric Vehicle Charging Cables

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Electric Vehicle Charging Cables
Will Phase Out Gasoline-Powered Cars
The global is scheduled to prohibit selling and used gasoline cars and it will be entire alternative by electric vehicle from 2035.
 3A PLUS  EV charging cable are comply with UL62, ISO6722, EN50620, IEC 62893 and CQC standards. 3A would be your best choice from now on.
A new type of charging cable could charge electric cars in 5 minutes — way less than  Superchargers

What are the charging cables for charging electric cars?

Mode 2 charging cable

The Mode 2 charging cable is available in different versions. Often the Mode 2 charging cable for connection to an ordinary domestic socket is supplied by the car manufacturer. So if necessary drivers can charge electric cars from a domestic socket in an emergency. Communication between vehicle and charging port is provided via a box connected between the vehicle plug and connector plug (ICCB In-Cable Control Box). The more advanced version is a Mode 2 charging cable with a connector for different CEE industrial sockets, such as NRGkick. This allows you to fully charge your electric car, depending on the CEE plug type, in a short time at up to 22 kW.


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